Paul’s extensive background is comprised of a triple-major in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Philosophy, presenting his pharmaceutical chemistry research finding for Genentech at a national chemistry conference, and receiving a Master of Arts in Philosophy. This diverse background has molded him into a dynamic individual in the professional business world. Paul’s scientific experience gave him the analytical ability to discover and maximize key performance indicators (KPIs) that keep your business moving forward. By studying the world’s greatest philosophical ideas, he developed the creative thought process to understand, develop, and communicate ideas that solve your business’s most complex problems.

As a Manager of Mission Integration, he incorporates Ascension’s mission, values, and philosophies into the operations, policies, and goals of the local health ministry. In addition to this role, he also serves as an adviser on a healthcare board, and an associate scholar for a policy advocacy group in D.C. Driven by challenges to strategically optimize performance and creating a mission oriented culture, he aspires to be a CEO of a healthcare-related organization.

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