Nice to Meet You

My day job is Clinical Ethics, but this site is my experiment at being an Essayist.  As a former pharmaceutical chemist, experiments are not foreign to me.  This is fitting as Phillip Lopate said, “The essay is by its very nature and nomenclature an experiment.” 

As a contemporary philosopher and audiobook addict, all of the ideas I share here are shamelessly stolen from others.  These essays’ are attempts to connect my personal experience, ideas, and memories to people outside of myself.

Recent projects

  • You can see a recent stem cell research update I was a part of here.
  • I was able to publish an opinion piece for the Kansas Leadership Center’s “The Journal”
  • My 2021 Catholic Healthcare Innovation in Ethics Forum (CHIEF) presentation can be found here.
  • I also consult for organizations who have an interest in ethics.  A recently new client it Vivify Trucks. This project is mostly around Algor-Ethics.