Essay (noun):
An attempt at connecting your personal experience, ideas, and memories to people outside of yourself.

A computer-generated image of a female robot with blue eyes and wires on her head, representing AI ethics.
What is AI Ethics and Why Does It Matter?
Artificial intelligence (AI) ethics is the study of how we should develop and use AI in a responsible and beneficial way. In this post, I will introduce you to some ethical questions and challenges posed...
A man carrying a heavy load of sins on his back, representing the need for conscience formation and repentance.
What is Conscience? A Catholic Perspective
Conscience is a word that we often hear in our daily lives, but what does it really mean? How do we form our conscience and follow it in our moral decisions? What role does the Church play in guiding our...
A close-up of a robot woman’s face with tears in her eyes and a sad expression.
AI and Human Values: Aligning Systems with Diversity
Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are transforming our world in many ways, from healthcare to entertainment to education. But how do we align AI systems with diverse human values? How do we ensure that...
A view of the dome of a cathedral in Sicily with a blue sky background
Ethics and the Catholic Way
Learn about Catholic ethics and how they relate to the dignity of the human person, the natural law, the virtues, the social teachings, and the pluralistic world. Ethics is the study of moral principles...
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