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Medical Ethics To Bioethics: An Historical Understanding
The shift from medical ethics to bioethics signifies a transition from a religiously dominated field, to a secular scientific area of study. This secular evolution has its roots in...
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History of Death by Neurological Criteria/Brain Death
Brain Death or Death by Neurological Criteria is a “nerve” racking topic for anyone in the medical field. This brief review describes the Death by Neurological Criteria/Brain Death...
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The Pluralistic Roots of Human Dignity
Twitter The idea that we all have an innate human dignity has dominated traditional ethics. To speak to our pluralistic society, secular ethics has formed a sound theory on Autonomy,...
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My day job is Mission Leadership and Clinical Ethics, but I enjoy reading everything from Aristotle and Homer, to Tolkien and John McDowell.  Ideas have always fascinated me.  As a philosopher; I create, cultivate, and communicate ideas.  As a theologian; I apply these ideas to the daunting issues and problems we face in our daily lives.