Nice to Meet You

I’m glad you’re here. I’m Paul Wagle. I serve as a Mission Leader and Ethicist. As a lover of philosophy (and audiobooks), I borrow ideas from many sources and try to make them my own. My essays are my way of sharing my personal stories, insights, and reflections with you.

Recent projects

  • Stem Cell Research Update: I contributed to this report on the ethical and social implications of stem cell research, published by Stem Cell Connect here.
  • Opinion Piece for “The Journal”: I wrote an article for the Kansas Leadership Centers’ magazine, where I shared my perspective on how empathetic listening can address our culture’s polarization. You can find it here.
  • Catholic Healthcare Innovation in Ethics Forum (CHIEF) presentation: I gave a talk at this online event, discussing how we can normalize ethics data across healthcare systems. You can find the slides here.
  • Vivify Trucks consulting: I’m working with this company that develops autonomous trucks, helping them address the ethical issues and risks of using artificial intelligence in transportation. You can learn more about them here
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