How Faith in Christ Helps Us See Others as They Are

How Faith in Christ Helps Us See Others as They Are

I recently realized that on many occasions I have not truly looked at the people around me, but only at what I liked or disliked about them. I have not seen them as they are, as persons created and loved by God, but as objects of my judgment or desire.

I know that I am not alone. Many of us struggle with this problem of not seeing others as they are, but as we want them to be. This is a lack of faith, a lack of openness to the mystery of reality.

Faith is not a set of doctrines or rules, but a trust in the relationship with a living person, Jesus Christ, who reveals Himself to us in every circumstance of life. He is the one who gives meaning and value to everything, who satisfies our deepest desires and needs, who saves us from our sins and misery.

In this post, we’ll explore how faith in Christ helps us see others as they are, and how this can transform our relationships and our lives.

What does faith in Christ mean?

Faith in Christ means having a personal encounter with Him that changes us and makes us happy. It means believing that he is the Son of God, who died and rose for us, who loves us unconditionally, and who invites us to follow Him.

Faith in Christ also means accepting his proposal to share his life, and to become his friends and disciples. It means conforming our thoughts and actions to his will and his love. It means trusting Him in every situation, even when we don’t understand or feel his presence.

Faith in Christ is not something we can achieve by ourselves. It is a gift, a grace that God gives us through his Spirit. We can only receive it by opening our hearts and minds to Him, by listening to his word, by praying to Him, by participating in his sacraments, by joining his community.

How does faith in Christ help us see others as they are?

Faith in Christ helps us see others as they are because it helps us see them as He sees them. He sees them not as strangers or enemies, but as brothers and sisters. He sees them not as sinners or failures, but as beloved children of God. He sees them not as problems or obstacles, but as opportunities for grace and growth.

When we have faith in Christ, we can also see others as they are because we can see ourselves as we are. We can recognize our own weaknesses and faults, our own need for forgiveness and healing. We can also recognize our own dignity and worth, our own gifts and talents, and our own call to holiness and mission.

By seeing ourselves as we are, we can be more humble and compassionate towards others. We can be more respectful and appreciative of their differences. We can be more forgiving and merciful of their mistakes. We can be more supportive and encouraging of their dreams.

How can we grow in faith in Christ?

If we want to grow in faith in Christ and see others as they are, we need to keep our eyes fixed on Him. We need to learn from his example and teachings, from his actions and words. We need to imitate his attitude and behavior, his love and service.

We can find many examples of faith in Christ in the Gospel, such as the hemorrhaging woman who believed that by just touching the robe of Jesus she would be healed. She did not doubt or hesitate but trusted completely in his power and mercy. She did not let her fear or shame stop her from approaching Him. She did not ask for anything but simply reached out to Him with love and hope.

What does Jesus say to her and to others who amazed Him with their faith? “Your faith has saved you”. What does this mean? It means that faith is what opens us to Christ, the Savior of our lives and of the world. Faith is the space in us that corresponds to the event of Christ. Christ who came and who is present to save us.

To grow in faith in Christ, we need to open ourselves more and more to his saving presence. We need to seek Him daily in prayer, in Scripture, in the Eucharist, in the Church. We need to listen to Him attentively, speak to Him honestly, receive Him gratefully, and follow Him faithfully.

We also need to share our faith in Christ with others. We need to witness to his love and truth with our words and deeds. We need to invite others to know Him and follow Him. We need to support each other on our journey of faith.


Faith in Christ is the key to seeing others as they are. It helps us see them as God’s children, as our brothers and sisters, and as people with dignity and worth. It also helps us see ourselves as we are: sinners in need of grace, saints in the making, disciples on a mission.

By having faith in Christ, we can build better relationships with others and with God. We can also find more joy and peace in our lives.

Have you distorted the image of God in others? How have you seen others as they truly are through the lenses of faith in Christ? Let’s talk more about your divine wanderings on Twitter. Tweet me at @PaulWagle to chat more!

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